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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Alone... in the dark

Lonely... I'm Mr. Lonely...

Phone booth... Post box...

Classic! I bet you can't found it else where!

Monday, November 21, 2005

What is Mesothelioma

What is Mesothelioma?

Malignant tumor of the mesothelium caused by exposure to asbestos fibers


Asbestos was banned from commercial use in the 1970’s after it was declared a hazardous air pollutant. Friable asbestos products were banned immediately while non-friable products would be phased out gradually while replacements for asbestos products were developed. Asbestos materials are divided into two categories; friable and non-friable. Friable asbestos is asbestos material that can be reduced to powder by hand pressure such as pipe insulation or sprayed on ceiling material and can become air-borne by touch. Non-friable contains everything else. In 1996, the EPA lifted the total ban on asbestos allowing it to be used to a limited degree in non-friable products. As a result, there are asbestos containing products on the market today. A new building does not mean that it is asbestos-free.


There are some myths circulating today that asbestos is not as dangerous as it was once claimed to be. This is not true. Asbestos is a carcinogen and exposure to it can lead to several types of health effects. Health effects from exposure to asbestos have a delayed effect or latency period. Health effects resulting from exposure to asbestos may not appear for 10 to 40 years after the exposure. If you know you have been exposed, inform your physician so that he/she may monitor your condition over the years.

  1. Ceiling materials, including
    Sprayed on textured ceilings, ceiling tiles (drop ceilings)

  2. Thermal system insulation
    Pipe wrap, Boiler/furnace insulation, Fire proof surfacing in or around fireplaces, Door gaskets on wood-burning stoves

  3. Sheetrock/joint compound
    Normally sheetrock does not contain asbestos, but the joint compound used on the seams between the pieces of sheetrock can contain asbestos. This is common on sheetrock walls and ceilings.

  4. Roofing Materials
    Roof flashing (tar), Roof shingles

  5. Cementous Products
    Exterior siding on private homes, Roof shingles, Underground water pipe

  6. Fireproofing/Soundproofing Insulation
    Many public buildings have sprayed insulation on steel beams located under each floor (and above drop ceilings on the floor below)

Stay away from "Mesothelioma"

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Weekend syndrome...

Are you having a Weakend Syndrome?

Yes, i do have Weakend Syndrome.

Symptoms of weekend syndrome, for those who are single: -
  1. Laziness - When your mum asked you to do something... Come'on, is a weekend, give me a break.
    But, will you ever help up your mum during weekday?
  2. Sleepiness - 10 hours sleeping enough for the weekend? Perhaps a nap at the late afternoon would made my day.
  3. Tele-Vision - Your vision will be focusing on a square box when you are lying on the sofa. The square box looks cool, dimension of 29" by 29", which a small word of SONY and WEGA.

Symptoms of Weakend Syndrome, for those who are NOT single: -

  1. Tendency to move towards crowd - Shopping complex, Cinema, Restaurant, IKEA!!! I just like the crowd.
  2. Tendency to spend - They shop a lot, sweeping their credit cards like no body business.

Which category are you in?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A man and a Kite

Me flying kite...

Commiting suicide with... A Kite?

A trip of nothing

It has been a good experience driving all the way from KL to Kuantan, then move on to Terengganu


Well, i am still @Terengganu with my buddy, surfing at the Cybercafe!


Trust me, there is no pub or club here at Kuala Terengganu (At least i can't found any)!!!


Still a lot more to come for my trip at the East coast! I will be back tomorrow! And will be drop by the famous land of babes, IPOH!!! Hurray!!!

A trip to Malacca, some where in the world!

I shouldn't say is our fault, or others fault. But, obviously, it is not wise to travel (I mean don't ever think about that) during holiday (>= 3 days holiday esspecially).

Human beings tend to make mistake, or, to be more precise, human beings tend to repeat the same mistake. Well, I am human being of course, and yes, I've made the same mistake again.

Last Thursday (Yes, my friends and I decided to go travel during PEAK season!!!) i've visited Malacca, the Historical City in Malaysia. Following are the details of my journey: -

  • Day 1 - Depart from Kuala Lumpur
    1. 7:30AM - I wake up at this time, damn... is a holiday man!

    2. 8:30AM - Pick my buddies up from their home.

    3. 9:30AM - Breakfast time!!! "I want Pork Noodle, i don't care, i want pork noodle" that's what i told my friend and, i've got what i want, a pork noodle which taste like... perhaps a pepper noodle?
    4. 10:30AM - Yeah... We started our journey to Malacca, after refilling the petrol tank and some snacks for the rest of the journey.

    5. 2:00PM - At last, we reached the famous street in Malacca, the Chicken Farm Street (I hope i translated it correctly , in cantonese, we called it a "Gai Cheong Gai"). But what toke us so long to reach here? The traffic!!! The traffic!!! Not only that, all the chicken rice (Famous chicken rice where the rice is made ball shape, don't ask me why, perhaps it taste better in round?) shops is long queued. WTF, what we need is just a plate of chicken rice. I know i shouldn't say this, but, peoples from our neighbour country, please go back to your place, Malaysia is not suitable for you guys ok?!

    6. 3:00PM - Yeah.. Lunch time... get to eat chicken rice. But guess what. the chicken doesn't taste good, same to the rice (I mean, it really doesn't taste good, at all!).

    7. 4:15PM - Check in to our hotel (Yes! We managed to get a room with 4 beds, although we have 7 persons)

    8. 5:15PM - Rest... Rest... Rest...

    9. 6:30PM - Move, move, move! Let's go Mahkota Parade. One of my friend wanted to get a pair of shoe, and another would like to get herself a pair of pants.

    10. 8:00PM - Satay... Satay Celup, another famous one in Malacca, is something like Steamboat, or Sukiyaki, but instead of soup, we will boil the foods with peanut sauce. (Guess what, the sause never been changed, they only add more sauce when new customers came in).
    11. 9:30PM or 10:00PM - ALOHA... Is the name of a club in Malacca, is famous because lotsa seafood (La-La in this case, means young girls which are easily hooked). The night happens here man, because is a ladies night, so... ladies can order any drinks for free!!!
      Guess what, they toke Tequilla, Graveyard, and some unknown liquor, and we have order like 3 buckets which is around 13 bottles of beer. Well, i wouldn't say is a lot for 9 persons. But, out of the 9 persons, 5 are girls.
      The result for the night, 2 girls KO, the rest drunk but still managed to walk in to the room. The two KO girls are carried up to the room by their respective boy friend, well done CoolWay and Fai.
      I took 4 Tequilla, 2 Graveyards, and 4 unknown liquor, not to forget 3 bottles of beer.

That's probably what i can remember for the day 1 trip. So what about day 2?

Well, everyone was damn tired, F***, headache like hell man!

So we decided to go back to KL on day 2, which ends our Malacca Trip.

By the way, nice to meet the two (2) qute girls, Sheenee and Tanty. That's worth the trip!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I bet your younger brother can't do that!

I've discovered the hidden talent of my cousin brother, please check from the following picture

Seeing is believing...

A date to look for...

1st of July 2005

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Capability, Criticism, and Sarcasm

Capability (ca·pa·bil·i·ty)

A talent or ability that has potential for development or use.

Criticism (crit·i·cism)

Disapproval expressed by pointing out faults or shortcomings

Sarcasm (sar·casm)

Witty language used to convey insults or scorn

I have met a lots of extremely capable friends in my life, be it capable in managing their career, their life, their relationship and etc. Their ability impressed me, and no doubt, they are always the role modal of mine.


Due to the sensitive information, the author decided to pixelize part of the information... Sorry for inconvinence.

Sorry la guys.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

'Lost' and 'Gain'

There is an idiom in chinese,

If you lost something, doesn't mean it is bad luck...

I found it quite true, sometimes.

Last Friday morning, i've dropped my phone (SAGEM MY-S7 SmartPhone) in the cab while i am going to my working place; Never realized that until the moment i get in to the office and trying to search for some phone no.

I was anxious when i found that i actually losing my phone, but suprisingly, it takes me less than 30 minutes to get calm, not to describe my feeling in that 30 minutes. After all, i've already lost it, crying or screaming will never bring my phone back to me.

Lesson #1 - Always be very careful when doing something, be it a serious task, or a daily routine, sometimes the price to pay for carelessness is just to high

The next day morning, which is a Saturday, as usual, i launched the Outlook client to sync my emails. (Is really a pain to sync emails using a dial-up connection) Again, i received a big suprise, an email which cheers me up the whole day, not to mention about the content of the email. But, it is definitely a good news that all employees looking for; i deserved it, and at last, i've got it.

Short to say,

If you lost something, doesn't mean it is bad luck...

But of course, it's not all about luck, how much efforts you pay determine how much you gain...